Payment Card Processing

Most merchants can realize significant savings from the cost of their current credit and debit card processing.  We process all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCharge, American Express, Discover and JCB. 

The Concord Merchant Group will give you a free, no obligation analysis of the interchange rates, fees, recurring charges and other automatic deductions from your bank account as a result of card processing. 

We’ll look at every item you’re being charged for and give you a detailed written report indicating those areas where you’re paying too much and those where your charges are in line with the best possible rates and fees.

Few businesses can afford to give money away - getting nothing in return - so let us work for you to see how much you can save.  Again, no cost, no obligation for our analysis!

Remember, cost reductions are 100% bottom line profits in any business!

Since payment card companies change their fee structures and modify their regulations at least twice a year, every processing customer will receive regular industry-specific from Concord in order to make smart, informed decisions in order to provide the maximum bottom line benefit.

We analyze merchant processing statements for savings, train employees, install and reprogram all types of credit card systems, trouble shoot technical problems, fight chargeback and fraud issues, and help with bookkeeping and accounting issues – should they arise.  Service of your account is performed by the same Concord representative to provide a stable point of contact and ensure quality.

Please give us a call at (808) 529-4500 or submit an inquiry using the form (on the right).

Thank you!